Courses on Monies

Here are few learning opportunities online on complementary currencies & alike:

Money & Society MOOC is held by Jem Bendell and Michael Slater from Institute of Leadership and Sustainability in Cumbria, UK. The 4-week stretch situates the money to the society as we know it. Course is suitable also for beginners on the field of complementary currencies. Lots of video content.

MOOC is free running couple times a year. Kristiina and Jenni from Valuecraft took the course in 2018 and find it insightful.  Editor’s note: reserve enough time to the course weekly as these blokes are particular with the timing of the exercises.


Crypto-economics certificate program is given by GCAS Ireland, Local Center for Advanced studies with Tere Vadén as a director. Partly available online. Includes project work. We have not tested this out, but if you do let us know of your experience!



Acumen online courses have many valid choices for social entrepreneurs and a like. Kristiina and Jenni took a Systems Practice Course last year. Lessons consist of reading and group work. Worth the time. Best learning outcomes are reached when engaging the tasks with a small team with different background. The Systems Practice Course entails a deal of  collaborative working and therefore it is a good idea to reserve some working time with the extended team well in advance.

(We also have a lead on french complementary currency courses, but language barrier. If you interested let us know; we can tip you off on the resource)


Addition on 15.4.2018

Check also MIT-coordinated U-theory-influenced Transforming Capitalism Lab which will run from March 2018 to 2019. Offers live-sessions, group works and community cafe sessions. Sustainable thinking and practises, including alt. currencies, discussed.


Oh, and let’s not forget Art Brock foundry of knowledge with videos, myth busting an all that @

A heavy weight on information, and supplies one with practical DIY tools of the trade like currency work sheet.