ValueCraft is an emerging platform for creating ecosystems for multiple measures of value. ValueCraft networks are backed by us all, not by a central bank or any other central authority. It is based on “trustlines networks,” a new way of representing how much we are willing to respect our friends’ obligations.

The basic idea ValueCraft is based on is the network of people who have a mutual trust on each other. Anyone can create an explicitly represented relationship with a friend, allowing them to borrow or pay any amount up to a specified credit limit, expressed in anything considered valuable. For example, one can create a trustline for $100, for 10 hours of work, or for 4 beers.

At this basic level there is nothing new.  People have always trusted their friends, lending things and providing services. The new thing is in explicitly representing the relationships, allowing the network to scale up, eventually into a global networks.

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ValueCraft is an early stage project aiming at creating IOU based alternative digital currencies, mainly for the so-called “fourth sector.”

At this writing, the following people are active at ValueCraft:

  • Kristiina Ullgrén
  • Tere Vadén
  • Pekka Nikander
  • Jari Takala
  • Tommi Elo
  • Kai Häppölä
  • Jenni Huttunen
  • Henrik Suikkanen
  • Niklas Håkansson

Valuecraft is a co-operative company (osuuskunta) under the Finnish law, founded on June 15th, 2017.

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Kristiina Ullgren, replace the name with kaal

On things related to research activities: Jenni Huttunen,, in front of which please add  jenni.m.huttunen  

Or Pekka Nikander. (You can find Pekka’s email address quite easily with some googling.  The address is not listed directly here, to reduce the amount of spam.)